About us

When good people

with good intension and great ideas, meet, magic happens.

That is the true spirit of Adventure365. With a back bone of the organization, with years of experience in realizing the unrealistic, approaching dreams and make it come true, the Adventure365 team is strong in creating new ways of exploring.

With a back ground in motor sports, sailing, travelling and several adventures on the CV, our team has created the foundation of pure adrenalin, fun and personal development. This creates your security for a great success, whether you request a high-level chess match or an extreme off-road trip, cross Africa.

Our team is very much motivated to support and has years of experience, dealing with and servicing people, cross many cultures.

-We want to create the path of joining people into the best possible team work. We want to become a part of the life changing event in individuals’ path of exploring their own personal boarders. We want to make a different for you and the team.




Want to be part of the team? Go ahead. The journey is about to become reality, of sharing your most crazy ideas and wishes for adrenalin kicks and fun.

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